Michael J. Ronstadt passed away

michael j ronstadWe were sad to read about the passing away of Michael J. Ronstadt, on August 7.
Years ago, the Country Trail Band did several concerts in Holland, first with Michael and Ted Ramirez, and later with Michael and the Santa Cruz River Band.

In the media Michael was often referred to as brother of his famous sister Linda, but Michael was a wonderful musician in his own right. Blessed with a powerful voice and excellents skills as a guitarist, he enchanted the Dutch audiences.

He was a passionate musician. No matter how many people there were in the audience, he always want to share and entertain.
As a christian country band, we shared the love for beautiful gospel songs with him. When we were playing together, his children were just blossoming out in their own musical careers. He spoke about them with great pride. Later on, we were pleased to read that he and his children were making music together. We will always treasure warm memories of him and are grateful that we had the privilege to know him and perform with him.
We wish his family much strength in coping with this great loss and hope and trust that faith in the mercy of the Lord will be a source of comfort to them.

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